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Scott and Stacie Maness have been happily married since November 28, 1996 and have 7 children: Joshua (06/27/1998), Ruth (07/17/2000), Hannah (03/26/2005), Jonathan (11/04/2007), Elijah (03/19/2010), Elisabeth (05/28/2012), and Joanna (01/14/2017).

Our Family – March 2018

Scott was saved at the age of 16 after hearing the gospel preached at New Hope Missionary Baptist Church of Kalamazoo, Michigan.

He announced his call to preach when he was 18 and after graduating from High School he attended Texas Baptist Institute-Seminary the fall of 1994. He graduated from Texas Baptist Institute in 1999 and has pastored various churches and missions in the state of Texas since 1998.

His last pastorate was in Moss Hill, TX from 2008 to 2016.

While pastoring Scott also worked at the local public school district as the hardware software technician in the Technology Department.

Stacie Maness was saved when she was 10 years old while attending Pine Springs Baptist Camp. After she was saved she sought to serve the Lord through teaching in Vacation Bible School, giving devotionals at camp, and teaching Sunday School.

Scott and Stacie met through Stacie’s father, Paul Clark, who also attended classes at Texas Baptist Institute-Seminary. One day in class, Bro. Paul handed Scott a business card and told him, “My daughter would really like to meet you!”

Through that business card, a match was made in heaven.

 The 6 oldest children have all been saved and baptized. The youngest Joanna has not yet reached an age of accountability.

The Maness Family enjoy playing instruments and singing specials together.

Scott’s Information in More Detail

Scott was saved February 16, 1992 when he was 16 years old and Baptized the following Sunday at New Hope Missionary Baptist Church of Kalamazoo, Michigan under the preaching of Pastor Billy Mann.

Scott announced his call to preach and was licensed by New Hope MBC of Kalamazoo, Michigan, April 10, 1994 and preached his first sermon on April 13. 

He attended Texas Baptist Institute from the fall of 1994 – Fall of 1998. 

He received his Associate of Bible diploma May 24, 1996.   

While attending seminary he helped with a Hispanic Ministry out of Calvary Baptist Church in Henderson, Tx. 

He worked for Brookshire Bros. grocery store in Henderson, Tx. while in Seminary from August 1994- October 1998.

He married Anastacia “Stacie” Clark daughter of Paul and Janie Clark of Henderson, Tx. November 28, 1996. (Paul Clark is currently pastor of Walnut Street MBC of Hillsboro, Tx.)

Their first son, Joshua, was born June 27, 1998. 

Scott was ordained Sept 12, 1998 by Bethel MBC Tatum, Tx.

He received his Bachelor of Theology on May 28, 1999.

His first pastorate was North Bethel Missionary Baptist Mission under the sponsorship of Bethel MBC of Tatum, Tx from November 1998 – October 2000.

While pastoring he worked as a substitute teacher for Mission I.S.D. in Mission, Tx.

Their second child, Ruth, was born July 17, 2000. 

Scott pastored Clement Street MBC of Gainesville, Tx from December 2000 – March 2001.

We then moved to Henderson, Tx where he worked at Wal-mart Store #165 in Henderson, Tx from April 2000 – March 2002 and did fill-in preaching.

Scott served as Missionary/Pastor of Grace Missionary Baptist Mission in Kingsville, Tx from January 2002 – June 2007 under the sponsorship of Unity MBC of Duncan, Oklahoma.

Their third child, Hannah, was born March 26, 2005.

He worked for Edwin Davidson Builders of Henderson, Tx. from June 2007 – July 2008. 

Their fourth child, Jonathan Maness, was born November 4, 2007.

He then pastored New Hope Missionary Baptist Church of Moss Hill, Tx from April 2008 – March 2016. 

While pastoring New Hope Missionary Baptist Church he also worked for Hardin I.S.D. from September 2008 – July 21, 2016 (He just turned in his letter of resignation and his last day will be July 21.)

Their fifth child, Elijah Maness, was born March 19, 2010.

Their sixth child, Elisabeth Maness, was born May 28, 2012.

Their seventh child, Joanna Maness, was born January 14, 2017.

We are currently living on the field with 5 of our children in Córdoba, Argentina sent out by Nevill’s Chapel Missionary Baptist Church of Mt. Pleasant, Tx. (Our oldest 2 children currently live Stateside.)

Family Picture taken Easter 2020