September 2022

The devil hits hard, but God hits harder!

This month has been a whirlwind of activity and blessing!  This month we began having regular meetings in the home of a couple that lives in the next town over that want to see a scriptural church planted in their town!  As we have been laboring this month with this family, the devil has been very active trying to discourage them as they step out in faith to see what the Lord will do! In the last month they have had multiple problems crashing upon them like waves of the ocean including a motorcycle accident, a broken arm, two family members being robbed at separate times in the month and a nephew dying among other things.
During the majority of this month my family suffered from sickness, allergies and losing my voice.  God has been seeing them and us through all of these things and in the midst of it all blessing them with joy in the middle of the trials!  Please pray fervently for them that God gives them strength to face and overcome the many trials!

“God Sent Your Family to Our House!”

On Sunday evenings, my wife and I have been meeting with this family and looking at the scriptures together.  Last Sunday as we were sharing our whole story about how the Lord moved us to Argentina, they suddenly realized the full impact of what the Lord is doing in their home.  Juan, the man of the house, looked at me and said, “God brought you from so far away directly to my house!”  It was that evening that they realized that their willingness to follow God’s will was a greater blessing to us than even our presence was to them!  May God continue to knit our hearts together as we serve Him!

My Family Asked to Play Music During a Professional Soccer Game

I am surprised sometimes at the opportunities that the Lord gives us to serve Him!   I received a phone call this month from an Argentine friend that I would love to see come to know the Lord!  He invited my self and three of my kids to play with their band during the Belgrano soccer game.  I had always heard that Argentine soccer games were crazy but had never experienced it before.  They had gathered 68 musicians to play during this event.  You can get some idea at the energy by looking at the pictures.  My prayer is that God may use us to be at the right place at the right time to win somebody to the Lord. 

We were there for several hours but decided to leave early.  It turns out God had more plans for us that evening!  When the trolley bus came by the driver saw the four of our smiling faces and was instantly cheered.  She told me later that she had been sad that day grieving the loss of a loved one when we entered her bus at just that moment.  At her request we played songs, mostly hymns, for the rest of the ride.  Before we left she gave us her information to be added to the list when I send out messages from the Bible each week on the podcast!  Please continue to pray for her and for the ones in the band that we would like to reach with the gospel!

The first time in my life to play before 35,000 people during a wild sporting event!  Please pray for these two guys in the picture with us.  I see both of them each week and would love to see them both saved!

Thoughts from Stacie

Students’ Day

There are quite a few holidays here in Argentina. Some are national holidays and others are just celebrated days. This month’s big celebration was Student’s Day. Joanna’s and Elisabeth’s violin school had a party for their students. The girls dressed up as princesses and had a lot of fun with their friends.

Colds, Allergies, and a Stomach Bug 

September is the start of Spring here in Argentina and as the weather appeared to be warming up we were still hit hard with all sorts of sicknesses. With seven of us in the house it seemed like we were going to be sick forever.It started with colds and then just as we seemed to be on the mend we got hit with a stomach virus. Then as trees were starting to bloom in our neighborhood we got hit with allergies. As we talked to people we found out we weren’t the only family that had problems with sickness this month. We tried to take care of ourselves and had to miss a few activities that we would have normally been a part of.

Bible Month – The Gift of God’s Word

We were asked by the family with whom we are meeting each week, if we had a Large Print Bible for their neighbor who has trouble reading small print Bibles. We went to the Bible Book Store here in the city and found her a Giant print Bible. She was really happy to be able to see the words for herself. We have also seen a large interest in the Gospel of John books that Scott put together. It’s been amazing seeing how many people have shown a great interest in these books. Quite a few have even asked for more books so they can share them with their friends. Pray for the people that receive the Gospel’s of John and other resources we’ve been giving away. God’s word does not return void! Please continue to pray that souls might be saved.

Homeschool Co-op

Each month we meet with other homeschool families from around the Cordoba Province for a homeschool co-operative. There were a couple new students in our classes this month. Scott is teaching a chess class and has been working hard putting together a book not only as a teaching tool for his class but it will make a nice ministry tool as well as he is incorporating spiritual and life lessons throughout the book. Books and tracts that share the gospel through different topics can be a very effective way to share the gospel. People are more apt to read something that looks interesting to them. I am teaching a “simple” sewing class for the younger children in the co-op. This class is a bit more chaotic as I have about 14 children ages 8 and under. The co-op has been good for our own children and also it’s been good getting to encourage other homeschooling families through it.

Bonus Pictures

September 2022