A woman after God’s own heart

After going to the pre-association meeting in Texarkana, It was my great pleasure this week to sit down and discuss the Bible with my wife’s grandmother, Charlcye Taylor.  She has walked consistently with the Lord for many years.  One of the things that she has done over the years is to mark the sermon texts that had been preached over her lifetime.image

You can see from the margin of her Bible the small printed text that she had added with the name of who preached the message, the title and the date.  She is no longer able to read the small print that she wrote, however, As I mentioned a text, title, name and date, she could remember the entire event whether it was a revival message or a Sunday sermon.  I could see her face lighting up as we walked through the last 40 years of her memory. 


We started from the back of her Bible in Revelation and slowly flipped back through the pages talking about the associated events.  We lost track of time and realized that by the time we had flipped backwards a page at a time into the Gospels, a couple of hours had past.  Those were a couple of hours that I would not have given anything for in exchange.  Since then I started doing the same thing, marking the name, date and text preached.  It is a great mnemonic device, bringing back the floodgates of memory with a couple of marks.

What do you do to remember your time spent in the Word of God?  I would love to hear your comments!