March 2020 Report

A month ago when we wrote our February report we had no idea how different our lives would look in March. At the beginning of March schools were starting back after summer break. There were long lines of parents taking their children to their first day of school. 

The hospital ministry had just started back up and Scott went with another brother to preach at the hospital. Scott also attended the monthly pastors’ prayer meeting. We were still having Bible Study at Marcelo’s house and Scott still met with Hugo at the plaza for their weekly Bible Study. 

We were still going to language school and discussing world events. We were still house hunting. Basically we were all living life as usual. At that point the pandemic seemed far away on the other side of the planet from us.

Many of the area churches announced they were canceling services until further notice because of the worldwide pandemic and the call for social distancing. 

We still met at Marcelo’s for our weekly Wednesday night Bible Study and we tried out a new schedule giving an extra hour at the beginning of the normal Bible Study for me to teach the children’s Bible lesson. Everything went well and even with the extra precautions we took to not spread germs everyone had a wonderful time.

The very next day, March 19th, was Elijah’s Birthday and the government announced a nationwide mandatory quarantine starting at midnight. Scott and I went out and bought necessary supplies for the next couple of weeks. We never imagined this happening.

Elijah’s 10th Birthday the day before the mandatory quarantine began.

So how are we doing with the current change of plans?

Honestly we are doing pretty well. Probably one of the hardest parts is watching from a distance as our friends and family there in the United States are affected in harder ways than we are. (At least we still have toilet paper in the stores here.) 

We are continuing to meet online with our language instructor each week to keep up our Spanish progress. Elisabeth and I are also having our violin class virtually. The other children’s music and band classes were canceled but they are practicing at home. 

We homeschool anyway so the kids are continuing in their education. We try to take breaks. We don’t have a yard but we do have a walled in section on our roof where the kids can play and get fresh air. We also have a small balcony where Scott and I can retreat for a little break from kids.

You can find more lessons and activities in Spanish at

We are allowed to leave the house for groceries and Scott takes care of that for us. Scott also records a daily devotional in Spanish which you can find on his Spanish website 

Hannah requested some down home country cooking for her Birthday.

Our big Birthday party plans for Hannah’s 15th Birthday had to be changed. Hannah’s heart had been set on a big birthday party sharing a little bit of Texas culture with all her friends here in Argentina. We weren’t able to do that party as originally planned due to the quarantine but she enjoyed all the videos and phone calls from so many of her friends here and in the United States. Thank you to all our friends that took time out of your day to wish Hannah a Happy Birthday.

Bonus Pictures

The kids played hymns before the Children’s Bible Lesson the last Wednesday Night before the quarantine was announced.

Birthday Cake and Texas Bluebonnets.
Hannah shaped a felt hat into a cowgirl hat.

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