January 2024 Report

A Very Full Month!

The month of January was so full of events that it seemed to be several months in one!  During the month our daughter Ruth returned back to Texas after visiting us for Christmas and New year’s day.  We had several visitors to the work, including Benjamin’s brother visiting our Bible study and the couple from Malvinas that we worked with a year ago visiting us.  During the middle of the month, Stacie’s parents, Paul and Janie Clark, came to visit us, planning to visit us for two weeks.

Visit to the Hospital

While visiting here in Argentina, Stacie’s mother had fallen and broke her hip.  It was quite a process getting her to the hospital, but the Lord provided and helped.  In Argentina, if you do not have an ambulance insurance policy already written, they will not come!  We actually carry an ambulance policy for our meeting place but over their emergency number they bluntly told me that even though we were already customers, they could only come to that specific location.  We have seen Argentines driving down the road with a flag hanging out their windows many times going to the hospital.  Apparently it is all too common for an ambulance to not come unless you have a policy.   We were told that the only recourse for tourists is if they already have traveler’s insurance, otherwise nobody will help them!  We had a strong friend come to our house and using a wheel chair he assisted us getting her down the steps of our house so we could get her to the hospital.  

First step in a long process

Getting her to the hospital was just one step in the process.  The Hospital that we use is a private hospital.  It is probably the nicest hospital in the city.  We have been in the public ones before!  I will be the first to dispel the myth that the political-left likes to push about the greatness of public healthcare.  After we arrived there, we checked her in for the initial consultation and then an x-ray.  The x-ray revealed a complete break at the top of her femur which was going to require a complete hip replacement.  We then began the process of getting her admitted and going about the process of providing the materials that the doctors would use during the surgery.  Everyone worked so hard during the process to ensure her comfort and wellbeing.  After getting all of the materials gathered, then they were able to operate.  The surgery went well without problems and she was released a week after being admitted.  Before being able to fly she would need two weeks of recovery to prevent blood clots during flight.  At the time of this writing, she has been undergoing physical therapy and has been walking with a walker.  Please continue to pray for her as she continues to recover.

January 2024