January 2021 Report

Happy New Year and Off to a Good Start

Every year my family begins the year by reflecting on the goals set during the last year to compare what we wrote versus what was accomplished.  We always find that many goals were met, some were lost along the way and other goals that we had not initially planned were later added and finished.  2020 did not turn out how anyone initially planned but we have been amazed by God’s goodness as He added to our ministry here in Argentina.  With the start of 2021 there was a lot of talk about the government in Argentina returning us to a strict quarantine. (The quarantine never was officially lifted in December but people en masse acted as though it did)  There were several travel restrictions and it was believed that on the 15th of the month that it would possibly become stricter again.  Thankfully, that time came and went without any new government restriction. We pray that things will continue to open up further and look forward to possibilities in the future. 

Waiting in Line at Immigrations

“Can we have Jackie Chan’s Autograph?”

The Lord gave me the opportunity to share the gospel with a homeless couple.  I had just come from a vegetable store and bought a sale on lettuce and tomatoes.  As I was walking home, I saw a homeless couple that had piled up boxes to make an enclosure on the side of the road.  It was like the Lord was telling me in my heart to share some of the produce that I just bought.  It turned out that they had a box full of rabbits under a blanket that they did not have food for.  I began to share the gospel with them. 

After they listened to the presentation, they had a request.  They said that they wanted me to get them Jackie Chan’s autograph for them.  You see, here in Argentina, many people seem to think that everyone in the US is extremely rich and knows everyone famous.  They told me that they really liked Jackie Chan’s movies and really wanted his autograph. 

I let them know that I really didn’t know that many famous people except one that was the most important of all time, Jesus Christ!  From there I was able to share the gospel a second time. 

Later that day I returned with a Bible that they could keep.  I found that they changed addresses.  They had moved their things to the other side of the road!  He told me that he would read the Bible that I brought them.  She told me that she would not read it since she was Catholic and didn’t need to read the Bible.  Please pray for them and many like them!

Learning to Drive All Over Again

We finally received our vehicle title towards the end of the month.  We have had the car parked before this as we waited for it.  It would be very hard to sum up in a few words how strange it is to drive for the first time in the busy city after not having driven in over two years.  Part of acquiring culture includes conquering strange and irrational fears that seem to surface at strange times. 

Stacie and I both had embarrassing, funny experiences from that day that didn’t seem very funny when we were in the middle of them but at the end of the day we laughed hard together about each one.  Thankfully we ended the whole month with nothing damaged except for our pride. 

We are still waiting for our information card for our car that should have come with the title.  We will not be able to drive outside of the town without this important card.  Please pray that we can get it soon!

First Time to Get to Meet Together in Almost 10 Months

At the end of the month, we were able to be with Marcelo’s family in their house for a Bible study.  Again, words cannot express how much we have missed being with them personally on Wednesday nights.  We had about a 3 hour Bible study and did not get home until after midnight.  We will continue sending out our podcast, Whatsapp, Facebook and Youtube messages each week and are looking for what the Lord has in store for us next in person!

Finishing Up Projects

One of the projects that we
have been working on is
teaching through the 22
doctrinal statements. 
We should be finishing this
series up by the middle of
February.  When it is finished we will be able to point people with questions about what we believe to this set of lessons much like the “Doctrine Project” that ABA Media had prepared.

Also about the middle of February we should be finishing up our study in the Sermon on the Mount.  It has been a study about the basics of descipleship.  We plan on orginizing it like the other study into a structured study that we can lead people through. 
We are also about to finish up a PDF of a Greek/Spanish New Testament parsing guide that will be able to be freely shared and used in our Spanish speaking seminaries and as an aid to Spanish speaking pastors and Greek students anywhere!
Thankful for the opportunity to preach two times this month to a group in Colombia!

Furlough 2021? 2022?

One of the events that we are planning is our first furlough.  We would like to be back in the states around October 2021, but that will depend on many things that are outside of our control.  We will be starting a fund to offset the price of travel.  Please be in prayer for this item as we have several items of business that will need to be taken care of at some point in the mid to near future.  

Thoughts from Stacie

Scott had enough in the report to fill a whole page but I felt like adding a little from my perspective so let’s just add a third page for those of you that like the behind the scenes.

In January we celebrated Joanna’s 4th birthday. She had a fun day complete with a shopping date with Daddy and her first tea party using my fancy tea set that I got for Christmas.

When we lived in the States I always loved to pull out my fancy dishes and have tea parties with the kids. I couldn’t bring my tea set with me so we hadn’t had a fancy tea party since we moved to Argentina. When we first moved here I showed Scott a set that reminded me of our wedding set. He remembered and surprised me with that complete set for this past Christmas and told me we could add to it if we wanted to invite guests in the future.

Another fun thing that happened this month was a friend of mine here in Argentina asked me if they could borrow our sons for a video they were doing for a world wide youth ministry.

They just needed a couple of boys around Jonathan and Elijah’s ages to represent a boy and his brother whose mother taught them about world missions and one of them would grow up to be a missionary.

I enjoyed getting to visit with my friend during the video shoot and Jonathan and Elijah were excited to be a part of a missionary story. They feel like world famous actors even if it is just for one scene in a short film.

Driving has been a real adventure. It’s been a couple years or so since I’ve driven a car and even longer since I’ve driven a stick shift. I can still hear my dad’s voice saying not to ride the clutch. Which means I still want to ride that clutch. But after a few days of driving I’m beginning to feel a little more confident again and am hoping to be able to get on a longer road outside of the city sometime soon to move beyond the 2nd gear. 

It’s a beautiful car and the kids all said it was comfortable for them too. Scott was able to install the taillight this month and now we are only waiting to get our car’s identity card that will allow us to drive outside of the city. Once that arrives we can plan a longer family road trip. 

We already feel the difference this car will make in our ministry. We were all able to travel together to another neighborhood where in the past we had a Bible Study before we were shutdown in quarantine.

Before it took two taxis to get us to that neighborhood and if we got a ride back it took either two cars or two trips with half of us having to wait for a ride. This time we were all able to go together in our own car. It seats seven but is small enough to fit in a normal car size parking space.  

Thank you so much for all your prayers and support. We are so thankful that God uses His people to do His work. With God’s help and the encouragement you all give us, we are able to move forward quicker through the doors the Lord opens before us. 

May God richly bless you in all that you do for Him and the spread of the gospel around the world.

December 2020 Report

Merry Christmas!

A Special Thank You for the Special Offering to buy Bibles and Print the Gospel of John Book

This year, while we were in quarantine, I finished preparing a Gospel of John booklet that has a clear plan of salvation, the complete text of the Gospel of John with the beginning steps of discipleship at the end.  About a month ago a church, which desired to remain anonymous, had connected with us on what they could do to help us share the Gospel here in Argentina. We mentioned our desire to print these booklets to be able to give to people that we meet.

They had graciously voted to send $1,000 to either print the Gospel booklet or buy Bibles.  We will be looking for the best options for getting them printed as soon as possible.  This booklet will be a great resource as it could be used not only to visually share the Gospel, but also as a basic study guide for beginning discipleship sessions with someone.  On the back of the book there are links to our Podcast as well as our Youtube channel.  If we can get somebody plugged into our podcast we can continue to speak the Word of life into their lives.  This book is free to download and copy, so if you know anyone in your community that speaks Spanish you can freely share it with them!

We Miss Having Places Like O’Reilly or Autozone

Culture in other countries can be very funny sometimes.  We miss the fact that in the US, every town has an Autozone, ABC or some kind of autoparts store.  The experience is usually very straightforward.  You enter the store, buy your part and leave. Done.

Here in Argentina, in a city of almost one and a half million people, it was very difficult to by the part that we needed for the car recently purchased.  When we bought the car, we bought it at a discount, knowing that it was going to need the rear light assembly.  When asking whether the part was in stock, the auto parts store did not have one and were unwilling to order one from the factory for fear that the price would change while it was being shipped. 

They gave me the number of someone else that might have the part.  They did not, but they told me of another that would have the part.  They did not but were willing to order it with a 7-10 day wait.  I told them to order the part and two weeks later received notice that it came in. 

When I arrived with the money to pay for it, they explained that it was not there but at the other location on the other side of town.  He printed off the bill for the part and I traveled to the other side of town and was able to get the part that we needed.  After several trips and translations, we finally have that part that we need!  Praise the Lord!

The Lord Opens Up Opportunities to Share the Gospel 

One thing that is nice about a large city like Cordoba is that you have great potential to meet new people.  There are many times that you will meet someone for the first time and possibly never see them again.  It is a great opportunity to share the Gospel.  This month had been no exception!  From the people that I get to talk to regularly to people that we met that were selling items for Christmas. 

One such person was the green haired young man that came to Cordoba to take college classes right before the pandemic hit.  While he was not very interested in making Jesus the Lord of his life, he did listen to the gospel and later I shared the link to our podcast.  Pray for him. 

Or the taxi driver that was sad when we got to our destination because he was enjoying the discussion.  Please pray that the Lord gives us wisdom in all our words, actions and decisions!

Abortion Legalized

At the end of the month, our hearts sank with the knowledge that abortion had been legalized here in the country.  Earlier in the month we even saw a notice by two women that wanted to become pregnant just to be the first in line to abort their babies.  I am having a hard time even writing this paragraph without tears in my eyes over the evil rebellion in the heart of people.  Even so, come, Lord Jesus!

Thoughts from Stacie

Thank You for making our Christmas so Special!

Our Children posing in front of the tree on Christmas Morning

Christmas is usually an unsure time of year and some years are a little tighter than others. Our children are really sweet though and are always excited for Christmas no matter how many gifts are under the tree.

This year because of several generous Christmas offerings we received we were able to get some really special gifts for not only our children here in Argentina but also to send a little something special to our State side children as well.

The five children here were especially excited a couple of days before Christmas when we gave each of them money to go out and buy gifts for me and Scott. I think they might have been more excited for us to open our gifts than they were to open theirs.

Christmas Eve we set out their gifts after they were in bed and Christmas morning they set our gifts around the tree. After our Christmas morning Bible reading where we read about the birth of Jesus from the book of Luke and Matthew, they wanted us to open our gifts from them first.

Bonus Pictures

November 2020 – Happy Thanksgiving!

We have the car but are still waiting on paperwork.

The missionaries that sold us the car were about to go on furlough, so it was in our best interest to pick up the car with or without all of the papers finished.  The kids were so excited when we went to pick it up.  They have been talking about all of the things that we would be able to do after getting the car.  We were at least able to take the kids around the block quickly before parking it.  We are renting a parking garage space a couple of blocks from the house as we have no place to park the car at the house.  Pray for us that we can get all of the paperwork finished and get our Argentine drivers licenses soon, so we can enjoy the use of the vehicle.  We are hoping that we can have some of this finished sometime in December.  

Quarantine Update

At the end of the month of November it made 256 days of continuous quarantine here in Argentina.  We are looking forward to possibility of inviting people to our home and having face to face meetings again with people.  It is great to be able to share the gospel with people one on one and teach and preach through the podcast, Whatsapp, YouTube and Zoom, but words cannot express how much we as a family have longed for having a good old fashioned come to meeting.  I don’t want to sound like I am complaining, because God has truly been good to us.  

Sharing the Gospel with people

The Lord is very good at providing opportunities to share His word.  Pray for the people that I am able to talk to on a regular basis that the Lord will continue to open the door for conversations about Him.  To give an example,  one day this month I had about two or three errands that I needed to take care of.  Each place that I went that day, I spent between 15 minutes to a half hour visiting and the Lord opened the opportunity that day to share the Gospel message.  Please pray as we continue to share and sow seeds.  

Rebuilding the podcast after being sick

At the end of the month of October my wife and I had both been sick for about two weeks.  The podcast suffered from missing a week.  The first week of sickness I kept the normal full schedule.  During the second week of the podcast I had to stop the pace that I had set.  We had gone in one week from averaging 200 listens per week to about 25 per week.  After staying at a reduced number for the month of November we started picking up more listeners by the end of the month.  It is very nice being able to refer new people that I meet to the podcast. 

After being sick, we reviewed and revised the podcast schedule to be a little more sane and maintainable.  Between the podcast, WhatsApp, YouTube and Zoom, I was preparing and teaching 10 messages per week and realized that I had to slow down.  We have gone from having a message daily on the podcast to a message on Sunday and Wednesday.  On YouTube we went from a message on Monday and Friday to one message per week on Monday.  I am still teaching a Greek class on Thursdays with the seminary in Columbia.   The lightening of the load has helped in a great way to do everything better.  

Invited to preach by Zoom to the group in Carlos Pellegrini, Santa Fe

We were thankful for the invitation by brother Oscar to preach to their group in the province of Santa Fe by zoom.  Over the last 8 months of quarantine they have had a very active group on Whatsapp and have been growing in their walk with the Lord.  Continue to pray for the ones in the group that are still in need of Salvation.  

A Few Words from Stacie

Thanksgiving came and we had a great time fixing each child’s favorite dish for our Thanksgiving dinner. Scott is an amazing cook and managed to make us an amazing pumpkin pie from scratch without even using a recipe.  

Face Masks I know there is a big debate over the use of face masks. Summer has arrived here in Argentina and face masks are mandatory except for little children. No one really questions this law some may find loop holes around it but basically everyone wears a face mask no questions asked. One of the days this month I was walking after doing a little Christmas shopping with one of the kids when we passed a swarm of flying gnats. I realized a blessing we can be thankful for with face masks. Not a single gnat has flown into my mouth nor nose since I’ve been wearing a face mask. The lesson… there is something to be thankful for in every trial.

September 2020 Report

We are buying a Car!

We feel kind of like a broken record starting every report about the quarantine so we thought we would change this report a bit and start with some good news. There is another missionary family here in Córdoba, Argentina who have 5 children that are upgrading to a larger vehicle and asked us if we would like to buy their 7 passenger mini van. 

This was exciting news to us as we have been talking about how we were going to get around after the quarantine finally lifts. While not always ideal, we made public transportation work for us the past couple of years, but the “new normal” means we won’t be able to travel like we once had.

We are so thankful that with the help of the offerings that have been sent in to our vehicle fund, we are now in the process of purchasing the van pictured in this report. Thank you so much for your prayers and offerings! With the offerings we received we have what we need to not only pay for the car but also to cover the fees and other costs involved with the transfer of the title and other mandatory paperwork involved in the purchase of a vehicle here in Argentina.

Latest Quarantine News

And now about the quarantine… we finished the month of September on the 195th day of mandatory quarantine. The government of Argentina extended it this time until the middle of October. (We aren’t going to hold our breath that they will actually lift it by then.) Besides the extension they also added a curfew. We are not allowed to leave our homes between 8 p.m. and 6 a.m. except for essential travel. This is a pretty heavy restriction here in Argentina where supper doesn’t normally begin until after 8.

It is also around the time many churches here would typically start their evening service. However even meetings are restricted at any time of day to a certain number of people for the size of the building and a lot of restrictions so most churches have not been able to meet yet. And those few who have been able to meet went through a lot of strict protocols and paperwork to get the legal permission to do so.

While many churches are still not able to have in person meetings we are blessed to be able to be an encouragement with classes and Bible Studies online.

How are we doing?

We’ve had so many people concerned about us as we share updates and news on Facebook. We are doing well and have been doing our best to adjust to this crazy time we are living in. We continue to go for a weekly walk as a family.

During one of our walks we decided to walk by a park where we saw parents watching their children play on the playground. We weren’t exactly sure if the playground was technically opened but since the police only a block away weren’t stopping the children from playing, we decided to go ahead and let our children enjoy a few minutes of outdoor play.

It had been 6 months since Joanna had been able to slide down a slide. She was so happy!

We took proper precautions with the masks and washing hands afterwards. But that few minutes was almost like a breath of fresh air. 

Outreach Continues

We are continuing to reach out online through our podcast and YouTube videos. Our audience continues to grow not only in Argentina but around the world as more and more people listen in to the daily messages from God’s word. In the 50 days since the beginning of our podcast we have had people in 16 countries tuning in.

If you know anyone who speaks Spanish please share our podcast and YouTube channels with them. Profundizando en la Palabra is the name on both platforms. You can find all our Spanish resources and content on our website at: profundizandoenlapalabra.org.

“How Can We Help?”

One Time Project Needs

• Emergency Fund Goal:     $6,000

    $1,400 left 

    $4,600 received

• Language School Expenses: $300  per month

• Vehicle Purchased! Amen!  We are so thankful to all of the churches!

More details about our recent purchase will be in next month’s report. 
Thank you so much for all your prayers and support!

August 2020 Report

Click this link to view the printable PDF of this report:

Get the Printable PDF of this Report Here

The last day of August was the 165th day of quarantine here in Argentina. We have now been in quarantine longer than there are days left to Christmas. However what at the beginning seemed such an inconvenience to our original plans for the year, we are now able to look back and see how the Lord was working through it all. So many things that we have started and focused on during this time of social distancing and isolating, as they call it here, we would have not done otherwise. 

New Podcast

Just in the month of August we not only continued to send out daily audio messages and weekly YouTube livestreams, we also started podcasting around the middle of the month and our listening audience has grown. 

Our Children’s Education 

We’ve also been able to work with the kids on their homeschool lessons which with the additional time this year they’ve been able to go further than they might have if their attention had been divided with extracurricular activities. They are focusing on getting ahead in their lessons so that when the country starts opening again it will be easier to keep up when things get back to a new normal.

Family Devotionals in Spanish

While on the subject of kids’ education, this month we added presenting our evening family devotionals in Spanish every other week. We already had each of us taking turns giving devotionals in English to help our children prepare for one day possibly being Sunday School teachers but we also want them to be equally prepared to minister here should they ever be asked to teach or speak in Spanish.

LAMB Seminary in Columbia 

Scott was blessed with the invitation to bring a few virtual lessons through Zoom for the Latin America Missionary Baptist Seminary in Columbia. We are thankful for the opportunity and are looking forward to seeing what doors the Lord may open in the future.

Children Stateside

Please pray for our Stateside children. We are so glad that we are able to stay in touch with them through all the craziness they have had to face in the new normal of 2020. It’s hard being so far away through the transitions that the year has thrown at them. However God has been faithful and they are doing well. When you pray for us please lift Joshua and Ruth up as well. It’s hard parenting from a distance but we know God’s grace can lead and guide them even better than we can during these times.

Bonus Pictures

June 2020 Report – Still in Quarantine, Continued

Today is day 103 of Mandatory Quarantine

As of writing this report we have passed 100 days of quarantine. People here like to change the name in Spanish from “cuarentena” to “cuareterna”, basically saying that the quarantine seems “eternal”. We know that eventually this chapter will end and the Lord will open the doors to meet in person again.

“Thank you for the daily messages!”

We have been thankful to be able to send out a daily message by Whatsapp each day. Thankfully each month we are able to add more individuals to our list to receive a daily message. We don’t get feedback from everyone on the list, but there are three or four that regularly send back a message thanking us for sending out the messages. Like all things in our lives, we may not realize our full impact from our preaching until we are in glory. Pray for us as we continue to send out daily!

The children take turns bringing the nightly devotionals each week. Every night before bed we have a family devotional and prayer time.

Contemplating what life will be like after the quarantine

One of the first things that we will need to get taken care of after the quarantine lifts is renewing our visa paperwork. Please pray for us that all of this goes smoothly. While we don’t know what everything will be like after the quarantine lifts, we know that God has been at work throughout the quarantine and look forward to His plans going forward. The last that we heard from the government here was that the quarantine would extend at least until the middle of July as long as there are no more developments. We will take everything one day at a time.

Thoughts from Stacie

Hope of Beginning a New Normal: So far the number of Covid-19 cases here in Argentina have been very low and we’re  beginning to see some hope of the quarantine ending. Many businesses have reopened this month and we have begun to see a little hope of a new normal. 

Homeschool focus: One benefit to this time during quarantine is being able to focus fully on our children’s education without distractions.We would love to be able to interact more with the culture and become more involved in ministering together as a family and that will come again soon. But right now we can only focus on what God has currently in front of us. The children are growing and learning quickly. 

Distance Parenting: It’s hard to have grown children what seems a whole world away from us. Joshua and Ruth are doing well but it’s easy as a parent to be a little concerned for them as we watch the news and see all the things happening back home in the United States. While I must focus on the children who are still at home, I find myself  constantly thinking about our grown children as well. When you pray for us, please pray for our grown children also. We can’t be there with them but I know God is there and can watch over them better than I ever could.

Joanna wearing the crown Stacie made for her.
Click the image to download the PDF of the Gospel of John in Spanish

May 2020 Report – Still in Quarantine!

70 Days so far in Mandatory Quarantine

As of the day of writing this report, we have completed 70 days of manditory quarantine. While we have been under quarantine, the kids have continued their homeschooling during the day. I have continued preparing and putting out materials and using technology to connect to individuals. We are allowed to leave the house for groceries and medical supplies. During those times we continue to have discussions with individuals.

“Thank You for the Bible!”

Was the response the next day after we had gifted a Bible to one of the people on our daily audio message list. You would be amazed how many homes that go to some type of church that do not own a Bible. Another person this month had requested 5 Bibles to read together with his family. Please pray for them. Before the quarantine I had felt led to buy several Bibles that were on sale downtown. I am so glad that we did, as we have been able to get out a lot of materials this month.

More People Added to the List to Receive a Daily Bible Message

At the beginning of the quarantine we began sending out an audio message each day to 5 individuals and three WhatsApp groups. As of right now we are sending out to the same three groups as well as 36 individuals. Please pray that the Lord will give me the right words to send out each day.

A Sample Text of One Audio Messages that We Send Out Each Day

Video Messages on YouTube

One of the problems that we have had on Wednesday nights is that several of the people that we normally meet with do not have good stable internet. That group is not able to receive the videos because of their internet. What we have been doing for Sunday and Wednesday is to record both video and audio. They have been enjoying the daily audio messages and the ones that can access the videos have been using those resources.

Birthday in Quarantine

 We had celebrated 2 birthdays in quarantine last month and had another one this month. At the end of the month our daughter Elisabeth turned eight years old. The kids have found many creative ways to make presents for their siblings.

Sharing Jesus with Delivery Drivers

Since we are not allowed to get out we have been bringing people to us. There were two delivery drivers about a week ago that both were given a book of Romans with the plan of Salvation. I mention them because of the positive reaction that they gave when I gave it to them. Not everyone receives the message as openly. Please pray for them!

Gospel of John with the Plan of Salvation

A little over a year ago I began a project to combine a beautiful presentation of the Gospel with the complete text of the Gospel of John with the next steps of discipleship included in the last third of the the book. It is freely available on our website. If you know any Spanish speaking people, please make sure that they get a copy. It is free! After the quarantine is lifted, we want to find a good price on mass printing of this book to be able to pass out. If there are any questions about the book or its contents, please email me.

Download PDF and Share

Bonus Pictures

Our Spanish Website


Thank you for your prayers and support!

April 2020 Report

Two Years in Argentina

Another Month in Mandatory Quarantine

So how do you write a report for a month that feels like a year. April saw us still in quarantine here in Argentina but we didn’t slow down we just changed our methods. Scott has continued to send out a daily message to our ever growing list of friends and followers here. Whenever he goes out to buy groceries he takes the opportunity to talk to the employees of the stores and let’s them know about the messages he sends out to a list of friends. So far the reception has been very positive.

Open Doors in Spite of Closed Doors

Open Doors in Spite of Closed Doors

One perfect example of an open door was when Scott went to one store that an agnostic friend owns. The daughter of the store owner was working that day when Scott told her about the encouraging messages he sends out daily. He asked her if he could talk to her father to see if he would like to be on the list of recipients. She was adamant that he would not want to listen to anything Christian since he’s agnostic. But Scott got his number anyway and told her he would still like to ask him. We were a little surprised but happy when he agreed whole heartedly that he would certainly like to receive the messages Scott sends out.

      We praise the Lord for all those who are willing to hear the Word of God and we pray that each one that hears will come to know the Lord as their personal Savior through the preaching of His word.

Online Bible Meetings

Besides these daily messages we also have been continuing the  Wednesday night Bible Study with the group that normally meets at Marcelo’s house. Only now we’ve been having to experiment with ways to meet electronically. So far we’ve tried WhatsApp and Zoom. You can view those recorded meetings on our YouTube channel “Profundizando En La Palabra.” 

If you want to see a list of all the Bible Studies audio and video that we’ve been sharing during this time you can view the list on our Spanish Website at profundizandoenlapalabra.org.

The above pictures are of the various online Bible Studies we’ve had and the last picture is of the Pastors’ Monthly Prayer Meeting which we originally planned to host in our home this month. We plan to invite them to our home again at some point when the quarantine has lifted.

Good News from a Friend

Another praise is our friend, Hugo, that Scott had been having Bible studies with before the quarantine, called Scott through his mother’s phone. That truly was a blessing to our hearts as we had no way to communicate with him before his call and no way to know how he and his family were doing. They are well but as with many the quarantine has hurt their business financially.

Other Activities

  Also during the month we continue to work on our language learning with 4 hours of classes through Zoom each week. 

• Elisabeth and I continue taking violin lessons through WhatsApp. 

•  We as a family have also finished reading through the book of John together out loud in Spanish. We are now setting out to finish Matthew by the middle of May. 

  Not getting to go outside has been hard but we try to make up for it with activities at home which we would probably not have started on what would have been our schedule this year.  You can see pictures of some of those activities included in this report.

  Also this past month Hannah started back offering guitar lessons for her friend. Since they couldn’t meet in person for their lessons Hannah offered to teach her online. Hannah did a video for her which can be seen on her YouTube channel

  Jonathan has also been working on digital music recording and we’ve been posting his videos on YouTube as well. Here are some links to our various YouTube channels:

Our Spanish YouTube Channel – Profundizando en la Palabra: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCL1srJ8XWa1QVzKXu9Q5clA

Scott Maness’ YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/psalm34vs3

Anastacia Maness’ YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/asmile4ever

Hannah Maness’ YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCNUDyDxWM0mOy4DcGinkNUQ

So during this time of mandatory staying at home we are still keeping busy and reaching out in every way possible. We can only imagine the doors the Lord will open as soon as the quarantine ends. Please pray for those we are in communication with that the doors will continue to open.

Bonus Pictures

Our annual family Easter Pictures. Our annual family Easter Pictures. This year we used our phones to include Joshua and Ruth in the pictures.

March 2020 Report

A month ago when we wrote our February report we had no idea how different our lives would look in March. At the beginning of March schools were starting back after summer break. There were long lines of parents taking their children to their first day of school. 

The hospital ministry had just started back up and Scott went with another brother to preach at the hospital. Scott also attended the monthly pastors’ prayer meeting. We were still having Bible Study at Marcelo’s house and Scott still met with Hugo at the plaza for their weekly Bible Study. 

We were still going to language school and discussing world events. We were still house hunting. Basically we were all living life as usual. At that point the pandemic seemed far away on the other side of the planet from us.

Many of the area churches announced they were canceling services until further notice because of the worldwide pandemic and the call for social distancing. 

We still met at Marcelo’s for our weekly Wednesday night Bible Study and we tried out a new schedule giving an extra hour at the beginning of the normal Bible Study for me to teach the children’s Bible lesson. Everything went well and even with the extra precautions we took to not spread germs everyone had a wonderful time.

The very next day, March 19th, was Elijah’s Birthday and the government announced a nationwide mandatory quarantine starting at midnight. Scott and I went out and bought necessary supplies for the next couple of weeks. We never imagined this happening.

Elijah’s 10th Birthday the day before the mandatory quarantine began.

So how are we doing with the current change of plans?

Honestly we are doing pretty well. Probably one of the hardest parts is watching from a distance as our friends and family there in the United States are affected in harder ways than we are. (At least we still have toilet paper in the stores here.) 

We are continuing to meet online with our language instructor each week to keep up our Spanish progress. Elisabeth and I are also having our violin class virtually. The other children’s music and band classes were canceled but they are practicing at home. 

We homeschool anyway so the kids are continuing in their education. We try to take breaks. We don’t have a yard but we do have a walled in section on our roof where the kids can play and get fresh air. We also have a small balcony where Scott and I can retreat for a little break from kids.

You can find more lessons and activities in Spanish at profundizandoenlapalabra.org.

We are allowed to leave the house for groceries and Scott takes care of that for us. Scott also records a daily devotional in Spanish which you can find on his Spanish website profundizandoenlapalabra.org 

Hannah requested some down home country cooking for her Birthday.

Our big Birthday party plans for Hannah’s 15th Birthday had to be changed. Hannah’s heart had been set on a big birthday party sharing a little bit of Texas culture with all her friends here in Argentina. We weren’t able to do that party as originally planned due to the quarantine but she enjoyed all the videos and phone calls from so many of her friends here and in the United States. Thank you to all our friends that took time out of your day to wish Hannah a Happy Birthday.

Bonus Pictures

The kids played hymns before the Children’s Bible Lesson the last Wednesday Night before the quarantine was announced.

Birthday Cake and Texas Bluebonnets.
Hannah shaped a felt hat into a cowgirl hat.

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February 2020 Report

One on One Discipleship

Each Tuesday evening Hugo and I have met for coffee and Bible discussion.  We have been spending about two and a half hours together answering questions and discussing current life struggles and God’s solutions.  Each time we open the Bible God’s simple plan of salvation is presented.  The book of Matthew has been our guide for basic discipleship with a current focus on the Sermon on the mount.  

This is the cafe at the corner of the plaza in Alta Cordoba where Hugo and I have been meeting each Tuesday evening for a Bible study.  This photo was taken after one such occasion as I was heading back home in the trolley.  Please pray for these meetings!

Asked to Teach for Three Days on Marriage and Family

We had been asked to help with a three day camp meeting and teach.  We were asked to teach each morning on marriage and family.  When we arrived, we found ourselves teaching not married adults but single kids.  We adapted each lesson for their personal needs and everything went very well.  It was a great blessing to be able to have several discussions throughout the weekend.  I brought the morning lessons and brother Oscar brought the evening lessons.  There was a lot of time put into the lessons before the camp preparing materials to help a troubled marriage, which the Lord has been using not only at the camp with the adapted lessons but with a few individuals that we know and talk to that have major problems in their marriages.  Please pray for the many people that we have opportunities to speak with on a daily basis.

Stacie has begun teaching a Bible Story in Spanish before the sermon each Wednesday!

The Lord put on Stacie’s heart to offer something for all of the kids that have been coming on Wednesday evening to the Bible study at Marcelo’s house.  She has been printing off a Bible story and taking it to her language coach for suggestions on grammar and usage.  She has been doing an amazing job sharing with the kids!

Looking for a House to Rent Closer to the Plaza

Our rental agreement will end at the end of May so we have been diligently looking for a place to rent that would be big enough for our family and also to have Bible studies.

Planning a Party

One part of the Argentine culture is the quinceañera.  Picture planning a wedding.  Hannah will turn 15 next month and we are planning on having a party for her in this tradition without breaking ourselves or the bank.  We are planning on having a party with a Texas theme and sharing the Gospel with all that come.  Please pray for us.

Thoughts from Stacie

Tranquilo: That’s my word for the year. It translates as “Tranquil, Peaceful, Calm, Quiet, Relaxed…” Basically my goal for this year is to keep the stress levels down. Any time I realize stress is building I go back to that word, “Tranquilo.” Usually I pick words based on what I know I will need during a given year for me one word is so much easier to remember than lists of goals. 

Teaching: As Scott mentioned I started teaching a childen’s Bible Lesson each week to the children that come the the Bible Study on Wednesday nights. I noticed that sometimes children from the neighborhood would just pop in to see what was going on and then leave. They weren’t getting much from the preaching as they would typically leave shortly after the song service ended. This month I started reading a short Bible Story after the singing and I share the gospel with them at the end of each lesson. We also pass out coloring pages from the story for them to take home. These lessons help me gain experience teaching in Spanish and introduces the children to God’s Word at the same time.

Teaching: As Scott mentioned I started teaching a childen’s Bible Lesson each week to the children that come the the Bible Study on Wednesday nights. I noticed that sometimes children from the neighborhood would just pop in to see what was going on and then leave. They weren’t getting much from the preaching as they would typically leave shortly after the song service ended. This month I started reading a short Bible Story after the singing and I share the gospel with them at the end of each lesson. We also pass out coloring pages from the story for them to take home. These lessons help me gain experience teaching in Spanish and introduces the children to God’s Word at the same time.

Partial block Alphabet by Elisabeth (7)

Homeschool: Also this month as our schedules change from the summer break we decided to revamp our homeschooling. The month of February I had the kids testing for the Alpha-Omega Homeschool Curriculum. This new curriculum looks like it will be a good fit for us. Please pray for us as we try to  adjust to these transitions “tranquilly.”

Bonus Pictures

Above are Photos of Hymnals that Scott prepared for Praise and Worship Services. 

Translated the cover reads:

 “Hymnal of Praise”
Revelations 4:11
“Thou art worthy, O Lord,

to receive glory and honor and power:
for thou hast created all things,

and for thy pleasure they are and were created.”