June 2024

Immigration Temporary Visa… one more year

In 2021 we were supposed to receive our permanent residency visa here in Argentina. We were assured we could travel that year and return without any problems. However when we tried to return from furlough the Argentine government no longer had us in their system. So in 2022 we had to start the 3 year process all over again.We were hoping we could obtain our permanent residency this year but they told us we need to complete the temporary just one more year.  At least our temporary visa for this year was approved. The details are always in the Lord’s hands.  Please pray that all of our DNI (Identification) cards will arrive quickly.

Sunday Evening Bible study

Tuesday Morning Home Bible Study

We are so thankful that Luisa, pictured left, is feeling better. Please keep her and her family in prayer. She had been sick and bedridden for 15 days and it had been four weeks, due to her sickness, that we had not been able to meet with her. She was very excited to be feeling better and to have us come out.

Trouble in the neighborhood

Please pray for the neighborhood that Marcelo lives in, where we have been having a Wednesday night Bible study.  Last week, he told us Not to come out that night due to problems that were there on his street.  Apparently, police had come into the area to arrest some thieves and youth were throwing rocks at the police.  I really do not know the full extent of what is going on.  We are hoping to get back over there and are personally not afraid of the events, but also listen to the voice of wisdom in where I lead my family.  We have had a great study out there over the last ten weeks going verse by verse proving the deity of Christ from scripture.  (There are many Jehovah witnesses working the area.)

Ladies’ Retreat

Stacie had an opportunity to attend and bring a devotional at a Ladies’ Retreat. She is also planning to start a Ladies’ Bible Study soon to minister to some of the mothers she is friends with. It would be a great opportunity for her to get to know other women in the neighborhood as well.  There is so much more to share that space does not provide.  The Lord knows!  Keep praying!

Bonus Pictures

Scott was blessed to be able to repair Bibles for two brethren at Templo Bautista.

Stacie had a fun time with Joanna while the others were gone to the youth conference

June 2024

May 2024 Report

Upcoming immigration appointment

Getting your permanent residency in Argentina should be a three year process.  We have been here for six years but due to complications in their system we had to restart over three years ago.  We have an appointment on the first Friday of June that is scheduled to get our permanent residency.  Please pray!  Even if you are reading this after that date, still pray!  Everything works slow here.  This will be a great blessing and help to us if we can finally get this accomplished.  There is a lot of work to do here and the Lord blesses hard work for Him.

As an eagle stirreth up her nest…

One of the challenges for the foreign missionary, as well as any parent, is when one of children has grown and is leaving the house.  The difference for the missionary is that the son or daughter isn’t moving to the other side of town or the other side of the state, but to a completely different country.  As I write this, my daughter Hannah, who just moved out the beginning of May, along with my oldest son and daughter is 4,865 miles away.  Just writing that great figure puts a longing in this father’s heart to see them, hug them and let them know how much I love them!  We are very proud of all of the steps that Hannah has made in the last month and look forward to seeing what the Lord will do through her!

Two are better than one; because they have a good reward for their labor.

One of the challenges for me personally was the absence of my wife during the first half of the month.  At the beginning of May, Stacie traveled to Texas with Hannah to help her get set up in the US.  It was a great, productive and busy time for both of them.  I can bear witness to the fact that life is much better with my wife around!

Sicknesses and other challenges

Please continue to pray for the three areas that we are currently working in.  Satan is also busy working!  Our Sunday evening service has been way down due to sickness.  There is a couple that have been enjoying the services, praying for family and encouraging them to come.  The last few weeks they have been out due to their kids being badly ill.  There is another elderly couple that continues to chat with me through WhatsApp, that has been in bad health for the last couple of months.  Our heart’s desire is to not only see souls saved, but disciples made!  The lady that we began a Bible study with on the other side of town has been down in health in bed with bronchitis the last couple of weeks as well and unable to have us out.  Our Wednesday night service has been steady, but with several that are still out, initially from sickness but later from whatever is distracting them from the Lord’s will.   Again our heart’s desire is to see strong disciples of Jesus made that will in turn make more disciples.

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March 2024

Classes have started back

Here in Argentina, our month of March corresponds with September in the US, when schools open again and people have come back from their vacations.  For us, since we first arrived here, the month of March marked off several new chapters in our lives as well as opportunities for reaching out to people.

Spending time at the University of Cordoba

The city of Cordoba boasts of at least 8 major universities and half a million combined student population!  The national university of Cordoba (Universidad Nacional de Cordoba, UNC) began in 1613 and averages about 180,000 students.  It worked out that my son Jonathan and I had the opportunity to sign up to take some music classes at the university together!  We have been enjoying  time spent together as well as meeting several new people.  Please pray that the Lord will guide our steps and our conversations with the teachers and students that we meet!

Teaching a New Testament Greek Class

For a couple of years now, brother Victor has asked me to teach a Greek class for their church seminary.  It is a great blessing to have finally worked it into the schedule and begun.  We are having the class on Tuesday nights and will be going from March to November.  Please pray for the students, a few of them that have surrendered to preach and may be some of the future pastors here in Argentina!

I am here because of you!

“I am here because of you!”
This is what Juan told me as he hugged my neck after his baptism.  

If you look back on the front page of January’s report, you will see a picture of him and his wife visiting our Sunday night service.  His wife was baptized last year by brother Elinai (Missionary from Mexico) but for several reasons Juan was not ready at the time and they were still struggling in their marriage.  When they visited us, we counseled them that they should follow the Lord together as a family and return and work out the problems and conflict.  It is surprising when the advice that you give is followed! (Sadly, much pastoral marriage advice is not followed:  “I know the Bible says, but…..”)  They are not only together in their marriage but now active members together in one of the Lord’s churches!  Continue to pray for them as well as the city of Malvinas where they live! 

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March 2024

February 2024 Report

Stacie’s Parents

The first two weeks of February were occupied with helping Stacie’s parents (Paul and Janie Clark) with Physical Therapy sessions and a Doctor’s Appointment. The doctor’s appointment went well and she was approved to fly. They were scheduled to fly out on Valentine’s day but had to push back a day because Stacie’s father came down with a stomach virus. The Lord got them through their flight and once back home Paul saw a doctor about his stomach problems and Janie can now walk without assistance. It is good to see them getting back to normal. Janie’s birthday was on the 24th and Stacie sent her flowers for her Birthday.

Family Counseling Session

One week during the month a mother reached out to Stacie asking for help with one of her children. Stacie talked with the mother and the next day we went to their home to talk with both parents about the problems and were able to help them communicate better with each other and with their family.

Open Door for another Home Bible Study

A friend of ours that owns a Bible Book Store in our city mentioned a family that was interested in learning more about the gospel. He had talked with one of the daughters but said they needed someone to come visit and talk with her mother. They gave us the address of the vegetable store where the family works. Stacie and I went and spoke with the mother (pictured with the bird). While I was sharing the gospel with her a parrot surprised me by jumping on my shoulder. That was the first time I have ever had a bird land on me while I was witnessing to someone. During our visit she prayed a prayer of repentance. 

She said that she tries to read the Bible but that it is often too hard for her to understand. She would like us to come to her home for a Bible Study. I have visited with her at the vegetable store twice. Pray for us as we make plans to go to her home. She lives in a part of town where there are no other Baptist churches available. This would be another good area to start a church.

Classes on Baptism

On our Wednesday night Bible study, Marcelo had requested that I begin a series teaching on Scriptural Baptism.  Nobody besides my family coming on Wednesdays has scriptural baptism yet.  One of the ladies coming each Wednesday will be turning 90 this year!  She said that she would like to be baptized after the classes.  Please pray for everyone coming as there is much error being commonly taught.  God’s Word is well able to dispel the darkness with His glorious light!

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