August 2023 Report

Renting and Furnishing a Meeting Place

Legal negotiation roller-coaster!

Until we get the legal permit for public meetings, we have been meeting in the office section each week for a time of prayer and reflection in the Word of God.

Renting a place in Argentina is a very involved process.  While some laws here, such as traffic laws, don’t seem to have anyone following the rules, other things are meticulously followed.  It took about three weeks of going back and forth with the realtors and owner to come to a rental contract that we all could agree on.  Many times living in a foreign country is like riding a roller-coaster in the dark; you are never quite sure what will be around the next corner.

We were able to get everything sorted out and on the 16th of August we set up a time to hand over a briefcase full of money!  We now have the building paid for the next three years and are just waiting on the city office to inspect the building to give us the document that we need for insurance stating our maximum capacity.  We have already been enjoying the use of the building.  I have my office almost completely set up and just took delivery of 20 new strong cushioned chairs for the sanctuary.  During the next three years that we have this location we would like to be saving up in the mission account in order to purchase a permanent place.  The Lord knows and is already working!

My office is set up to be both an inviting place to meet with people, teach a class, record a video lesson, audio message or just read the Good Book!

Meeting neighbors next to the meeting place

We have already had opportunities to talk to several people in the neighborhood.  There has been a lot of curiosity about us and what we are working on.  So far, the responses have been very favorable to us beginning a Bible study in this location.  One lady that owns a business next to our place, told me that she had been away from the Lord, but has been wanting to get back to serving the Lord.  We ended up staying for about an hour and a half visiting.  One person saw me bringing chairs in and thought that I might be going into business selling furniture.  LOL  I had an opportunity to share what we were really doing and tell him about Jesus. 

~Thoughts from Stacie~

We have been so busy this month with preparing the new location that I decided to take a short break from writing my page of the report. But don’t worry “Thoughts from Stacie” will be back with even more things to talk about next month. 

Bonus Pictures

So thankful for my family!

One of the things that I wanted for my office was a giant sized whiteboard!

Fire extinguisher and First aid kit for the building!

I had asked some of our friends here to recommend a plant that I couldn’t kill for my office!

Water cooler and pantry for the meeting place!

Getting little details fixed!

Teaching a watercolor painting class for the Homeschool Coop.

August 2023