Preaching the word of God in Argentina


Here is a video of me preaching in Pilar, Argentina on September 21, 2014.  It was a great service that day.  The Sunday school had divided into the men and the women.  I enjoyed meeting some brethren from Peru and from Paraguay that were there at there church.

There was a older couple that was visiting for the first time at the  church.  After the preaching that morning,  a woman prayed to receive Christ.

Later that day we went to the park to pass out tracks and talk to people about the Lord.  The people that we talked to were very receptive.  I spoke with a man who had a speech impediment from his past injuries in a bad motorcycle accident.  I spoke to him about Jesus and invited him to the church that I had preached at that morning.  He was deeply touched that someone would invite him to come.  That day was the only opportunity that I had to talk with him.  I wonder what had become of him.  Maybe one day  I will see him again in this life and even better if I see him in heaven.  There are millions just like him that are waiting for someone to reach out to them and care.