Sunday, May 1st

In the morning we had the pleasure to go up to Mt. Sylvia Missionary Baptist Church in Mt. Pleasant Texas and present the work at their church.  Brother Michael Thompson is the pastor there and is doing a great job.  I enjoyed meeting the members of his church that he has been discipling throughout the years.  I have thoroughly been blessed to get to know the preachers and individual church members in our works.  Brother Thompson is not only a great pastor, but has great attention to specific details as you can see in his work with the History and Archives that he has worked on over the years.  It was a personal blessing to me to hear stories from his own work on the foreign mission field, when I was serving the Lord in Japan.  There are so many lessons that we could learn from those who are among us if we would only open our ears and hearts to receive the wisdom that they would freely tell us.

In the evening we went to Nevill’s Chapel in Mt. Pleasant to officially come and join.  It is such a blessing to have a caring and praying church like Nevill’s Chapel behind us as we prepare to go to Argentina.  I know that I not only have a pastor that is praying for me, but I have in him a great resource of experience and wisdom from his years of serving the Lord in pastoring and on the mission field.  I can state that they are a church that loves missionaries.  I thought it interesting that all of the churches that I have personally pastored, when a new person joined, it didn’t take long for everyone to shake their hand and welcome them into the church.  At Nevill’s Chapel, there are so many loving, welcoming people that it takes a few more verses for everyone to shake your hand and welcome you into their fellowship.  Jesus had said in John 13:35, “by this shall all men know that ye are my disciples, if you have love one to another.”