November 2020 – Happy Thanksgiving!

We have the car but are still waiting on paperwork.

The missionaries that sold us the car were about to go on furlough, so it was in our best interest to pick up the car with or without all of the papers finished.  The kids were so excited when we went to pick it up.  They have been talking about all of the things that we would be able to do after getting the car.  We were at least able to take the kids around the block quickly before parking it.  We are renting a parking garage space a couple of blocks from the house as we have no place to park the car at the house.  Pray for us that we can get all of the paperwork finished and get our Argentine drivers licenses soon, so we can enjoy the use of the vehicle.  We are hoping that we can have some of this finished sometime in December.  

Quarantine Update

At the end of the month of November it made 256 days of continuous quarantine here in Argentina.  We are looking forward to possibility of inviting people to our home and having face to face meetings again with people.  It is great to be able to share the gospel with people one on one and teach and preach through the podcast, Whatsapp, YouTube and Zoom, but words cannot express how much we as a family have longed for having a good old fashioned come to meeting.  I don’t want to sound like I am complaining, because God has truly been good to us.  

Sharing the Gospel with people

The Lord is very good at providing opportunities to share His word.  Pray for the people that I am able to talk to on a regular basis that the Lord will continue to open the door for conversations about Him.  To give an example,  one day this month I had about two or three errands that I needed to take care of.  Each place that I went that day, I spent between 15 minutes to a half hour visiting and the Lord opened the opportunity that day to share the Gospel message.  Please pray as we continue to share and sow seeds.  

Rebuilding the podcast after being sick

At the end of the month of October my wife and I had both been sick for about two weeks.  The podcast suffered from missing a week.  The first week of sickness I kept the normal full schedule.  During the second week of the podcast I had to stop the pace that I had set.  We had gone in one week from averaging 200 listens per week to about 25 per week.  After staying at a reduced number for the month of November we started picking up more listeners by the end of the month.  It is very nice being able to refer new people that I meet to the podcast. 

After being sick, we reviewed and revised the podcast schedule to be a little more sane and maintainable.  Between the podcast, WhatsApp, YouTube and Zoom, I was preparing and teaching 10 messages per week and realized that I had to slow down.  We have gone from having a message daily on the podcast to a message on Sunday and Wednesday.  On YouTube we went from a message on Monday and Friday to one message per week on Monday.  I am still teaching a Greek class on Thursdays with the seminary in Columbia.   The lightening of the load has helped in a great way to do everything better.  

Invited to preach by Zoom to the group in Carlos Pellegrini, Santa Fe

We were thankful for the invitation by brother Oscar to preach to their group in the province of Santa Fe by zoom.  Over the last 8 months of quarantine they have had a very active group on Whatsapp and have been growing in their walk with the Lord.  Continue to pray for the ones in the group that are still in need of Salvation.  

A Few Words from Stacie

Thanksgiving came and we had a great time fixing each child’s favorite dish for our Thanksgiving dinner. Scott is an amazing cook and managed to make us an amazing pumpkin pie from scratch without even using a recipe.  

Face Masks I know there is a big debate over the use of face masks. Summer has arrived here in Argentina and face masks are mandatory except for little children. No one really questions this law some may find loop holes around it but basically everyone wears a face mask no questions asked. One of the days this month I was walking after doing a little Christmas shopping with one of the kids when we passed a swarm of flying gnats. I realized a blessing we can be thankful for with face masks. Not a single gnat has flown into my mouth nor nose since I’ve been wearing a face mask. The lesson… there is something to be thankful for in every trial.