May 2021 Report

“To say that it has been a crazy month would be an understatement.  Between a few closed doors, sickness at the beginning of the month, immigration problems and a national return to strict quarantine we are still moving forward and taking ground! We are all well and amidst the craziness here, God has still given us some opportunities to share His message with individuals.”

Recent Summary of the Month of may

One Door Closes Others Open

One of the biggest blows for us this month was on the 8th.  Marcelo decided to accept help from another church that does not share our core beliefs and were offering them several things.  For about three weeks my wife and I noticed a change in the brother in regards to the preaching and teaching.  We decided that it would be best to distance ourselves from their group.  We are continuing to pray for them that the Lord would show them His will through His word.

Hugging the Bible

On the same evening that we had our last Saturday at Marcelo’s house, the Lord gave me a special opportunity to share the message of His love.  That evening we felt so down about the events of the day and the closing of over two years of intently pouring into the life of Marcelo, his family and his people.  I had gone to buy food for the next morning from a kiosk that I haven’t visited in a while.  At the moment, I was more like the disciples at the well of Samaria, thinking of food, than looking for the Lord’s open doors, when the Lord gave me an opportunity to share with the owner of the store.  After visiting for a while, I asked her if she had a Bible at home.  She said that she no longer did as she had given away her Bible to a nephew.  Within 5 minutes, she had a Bible in her hands.  She was litterally hugging the Bible as we spoke.  Please pray for her!   

      Later in the same week God gave me another opportunity to give someone a Bible that did not have one.  With him it was my second time to speak with him.  On the first occasion, he asked me several questions which I not only answered but also shared how to be saved.  On this occasion after receiving a Bible he asked me many more questions and shared the gospel again.  I pray that the Lord will use His word to reach him!  The ironic thing is that these were all Bibles that I had originally bought to take to Marcelo’s, but if we would have taken them there then they wouldn’t have been on hand to give to them at just the right moment.  God’s ways are higher than our ways!

Another Large Spike in Listeners to the Podcast

On the very next day, we were encouraged to see another large spike in listeners to the podcast.  On the same day that we taught our last lesson at Marcelo’s house, we found out that there were 86 listens to the podcast on that day!  I don’t know if it was 86 people listening to one message each or one person listening to 86 messages, but it was encouraging to know that somebody was listening.

Jesus is not just an addition to one of the many saints!

One thing that weighs on our hearts is the misunderstanding of who Jesus is and what he came to do.  In the middle of trials, many people here seek their help by praying  and crying out to different saints. Pray that people will understand that there is only help and  salvation through Jesus!

Troubles at Immigrations

We followed all of the necessary steps for renewing our visas for this year.  We were assured that we had everything needed to change our status to permant residency.  When we came to the office on our appointed day, the kind lady that we spoke to last month was out on maternity leave.  We were sent to another person that was obviously having a bad day.  To tell the whole of this story in detail would require at least 10 hours, so I will spare you the details.  It is enough to say that we spent 2 days that week in immigrations with no results at the end.

That same day I emailed the “Minister of the Cults” in Buenos Aires that would need to sign our document for us to finish our immigration process.  Earlier this year it took us over a month to get this signature.  

Also, the same day that I sent this email, the entire country returned to a strict lockdown again.  As a result he emailed me back saying that there is nothing that they will do during the quarantine!  Please pray!  We know that God has all of these things in His power and that He is still in control of all things!

The return of the Quarantine has started a whole new level of fear in the people and problems.

Bonus Pictures

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