February 2022 Report

Two Great Faith Promise Conferences

We could easily fill up several pages just talking about the great time that we had with God’s people during our sending church’s Faith Promise Conference as well as the following week with Sublett Road MBC.

Two Attempts to Fly Out

Our return flight was supposed to be on the 15th of February but upon arriving at the airport, there was a major problem with our ticketing.  Our tickets had a 15 hour layover in Brazil which would have required us to have Brazilian visas and immigration papers and vaccines for the whole family including five year old.  As this was the return portion of our tickets we should see a refund on it within 6 weeks.  

Our second attempt was a week later going from Dallas to New York and then to Buenos Aires and then finally to Cordoba.  We had absolutely no problems until we arrived at the Argentine airline in New York.  They were having difficulties processing our paperwork and told us that we will need to speak to the Argentine Consulate.  They were at least able to pull our checked luggage off of the plane before it left for Argentina and before they all went home for the day. 

After two arduous days at the New York terminal and many flight delays and cancellations, we finally arrived back in Texas.  We are currently trying to set up a consular visit to the Houston Consulate.  Please pray that we can get updated papers from them that will show our Argentine proof of residency.

Thoughts from Stacie

Saying Good-bye

When we bought two way tickets for this furlough we purposely planned our return trip to be after our church’s Faith Promise Conference. We wanted to have that week to spend time with our church family and to say our final good-byes.

The following weekend we spent with my parents at Walnut Street Baptist Church where my dad pastors. That Monday we went to Dallas to get our Covid Tests done and all came back negative. That Tuesday afternoon we thought we were all set to fly out.

First Flight Itinerary Fell Through 

We showed up at the airport for our flight. The problem with that flight was the 15 hour layover in Brazil where we would have had to met all their Visa requirements. We had to cancel those tickets and find another flight without that long layover in Brazil. It was interesting the next day to find out that the city we would have had our layover was having major storms and mud slides.

Divine Appointments

A couple days later Scott and I were at Walmart picking up a few things we needed for our flight. The cashier asked us if we were traveling. That opened up the door for us to explain who we are and what we are doing and invite her to Walnut Street. As we were walking out another lady quickly stopped us and handed us a paper with a prayer request on it. There wasn’t much detail but she asked us to pray for James and his mother Margie. Then as we were showing our receipt to the greeter he started talking to us about church and asked us questions. We invited him to church as well. 

Second Flight Itinerary Almost Successful 
We are so grateful to the Reynolds for opening up their home to us Monday night. Sis. Kelli offered to drive us to the airport early Tuesday morning for our flight to New York. We landed at the JFK and ran to catch the flight to Argentina. Scott explained what happened there. Basically we were denied entry into Argentina until we were able to get things cleared up with the consulate.

Stuck in New York 
With around 28 suitcases counting our carry-on and bag packs we were stuck in New York. We had too much luggage and no vehicle for us to get a hotel. We also had to find a flight with 7 seats available.

Airport Slumber Party 

At least that is how Joanna felt. Joanna dubbed the terminal we spent the night in as the napping room. She later told us that she wanted to go back to the airport where she got to stay up all night and play.

I guess it is a matter of perspective. She was happy to have watched Paw Patrol on three different airplanes “even the one we didn’t fly in”, meaning the flight to Dallas that was canceled while taxiing on the runway. I would say that’s turning lemons into lemonade or rather being stuck in an airport into a slumber party.