April 2020 Report

Two Years in Argentina

Another Month in Mandatory Quarantine

So how do you write a report for a month that feels like a year. April saw us still in quarantine here in Argentina but we didn’t slow down we just changed our methods. Scott has continued to send out a daily message to our ever growing list of friends and followers here. Whenever he goes out to buy groceries he takes the opportunity to talk to the employees of the stores and let’s them know about the messages he sends out to a list of friends. So far the reception has been very positive.

Open Doors in Spite of Closed Doors

Open Doors in Spite of Closed Doors

One perfect example of an open door was when Scott went to one store that an agnostic friend owns. The daughter of the store owner was working that day when Scott told her about the encouraging messages he sends out daily. He asked her if he could talk to her father to see if he would like to be on the list of recipients. She was adamant that he would not want to listen to anything Christian since he’s agnostic. But Scott got his number anyway and told her he would still like to ask him. We were a little surprised but happy when he agreed whole heartedly that he would certainly like to receive the messages Scott sends out.

      We praise the Lord for all those who are willing to hear the Word of God and we pray that each one that hears will come to know the Lord as their personal Savior through the preaching of His word.

Online Bible Meetings

Besides these daily messages we also have been continuing the  Wednesday night Bible Study with the group that normally meets at Marcelo’s house. Only now we’ve been having to experiment with ways to meet electronically. So far we’ve tried WhatsApp and Zoom. You can view those recorded meetings on our YouTube channel “Profundizando En La Palabra.” 

If you want to see a list of all the Bible Studies audio and video that we’ve been sharing during this time you can view the list on our Spanish Website at profundizandoenlapalabra.org.

The above pictures are of the various online Bible Studies we’ve had and the last picture is of the Pastors’ Monthly Prayer Meeting which we originally planned to host in our home this month. We plan to invite them to our home again at some point when the quarantine has lifted.

Good News from a Friend

Another praise is our friend, Hugo, that Scott had been having Bible studies with before the quarantine, called Scott through his mother’s phone. That truly was a blessing to our hearts as we had no way to communicate with him before his call and no way to know how he and his family were doing. They are well but as with many the quarantine has hurt their business financially.

Other Activities

  Also during the month we continue to work on our language learning with 4 hours of classes through Zoom each week. 

• Elisabeth and I continue taking violin lessons through WhatsApp. 

•  We as a family have also finished reading through the book of John together out loud in Spanish. We are now setting out to finish Matthew by the middle of May. 

  Not getting to go outside has been hard but we try to make up for it with activities at home which we would probably not have started on what would have been our schedule this year.  You can see pictures of some of those activities included in this report.

  Also this past month Hannah started back offering guitar lessons for her friend. Since they couldn’t meet in person for their lessons Hannah offered to teach her online. Hannah did a video for her which can be seen on her YouTube channel

  Jonathan has also been working on digital music recording and we’ve been posting his videos on YouTube as well. Here are some links to our various YouTube channels:

Our Spanish YouTube Channel – Profundizando en la Palabra: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCL1srJ8XWa1QVzKXu9Q5clA

Scott Maness’ YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/psalm34vs3

Anastacia Maness’ YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/asmile4ever

Hannah Maness’ YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCNUDyDxWM0mOy4DcGinkNUQ

So during this time of mandatory staying at home we are still keeping busy and reaching out in every way possible. We can only imagine the doors the Lord will open as soon as the quarantine ends. Please pray for those we are in communication with that the doors will continue to open.

Bonus Pictures

Our annual family Easter Pictures. Our annual family Easter Pictures. This year we used our phones to include Joshua and Ruth in the pictures.