May 2020 Report – Still in Quarantine!

70 Days so far in Mandatory Quarantine

As of the day of writing this report, we have completed 70 days of manditory quarantine. While we have been under quarantine, the kids have continued their homeschooling during the day. I have continued preparing and putting out materials and using technology to connect to individuals. We are allowed to leave the house for groceries and medical supplies. During those times we continue to have discussions with individuals.

“Thank You for the Bible!”

Was the response the next day after we had gifted a Bible to one of the people on our daily audio message list. You would be amazed how many homes that go to some type of church that do not own a Bible. Another person this month had requested 5 Bibles to read together with his family. Please pray for them. Before the quarantine I had felt led to buy several Bibles that were on sale downtown. I am so glad that we did, as we have been able to get out a lot of materials this month.

More People Added to the List to Receive a Daily Bible Message

At the beginning of the quarantine we began sending out an audio message each day to 5 individuals and three WhatsApp groups. As of right now we are sending out to the same three groups as well as 36 individuals. Please pray that the Lord will give me the right words to send out each day.

A Sample Text of One Audio Messages that We Send Out Each Day

Video Messages on YouTube

One of the problems that we have had on Wednesday nights is that several of the people that we normally meet with do not have good stable internet. That group is not able to receive the videos because of their internet. What we have been doing for Sunday and Wednesday is to record both video and audio. They have been enjoying the daily audio messages and the ones that can access the videos have been using those resources.

Birthday in Quarantine

 We had celebrated 2 birthdays in quarantine last month and had another one this month. At the end of the month our daughter Elisabeth turned eight years old. The kids have found many creative ways to make presents for their siblings.

Sharing Jesus with Delivery Drivers

Since we are not allowed to get out we have been bringing people to us. There were two delivery drivers about a week ago that both were given a book of Romans with the plan of Salvation. I mention them because of the positive reaction that they gave when I gave it to them. Not everyone receives the message as openly. Please pray for them!

Gospel of John with the Plan of Salvation

A little over a year ago I began a project to combine a beautiful presentation of the Gospel with the complete text of the Gospel of John with the next steps of discipleship included in the last third of the the book. It is freely available on our website. If you know any Spanish speaking people, please make sure that they get a copy. It is free! After the quarantine is lifted, we want to find a good price on mass printing of this book to be able to pass out. If there are any questions about the book or its contents, please email me.

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Thank you for your prayers and support!